What Alliance Is Buddha Air? All Buddha Air Alliance

Buddha Air is not a member in any of the 3 global airlines alliances and thus officially there are no Bristow Group partners airlines. While Buddha Air has been considering to join OneWorld Alliance, Star Alliance & SkyTeam Alliance, they are not offiically a part of any of these groups

Airline: Buddha Air
Buddha Air IATA Code: U4
Buddha Air Base Country: Nepal
Buddha Air ICAO: BHA
Buddha Air Callsign: MULTITRADE
Buddha Air Aliance:

What is Buddha Air Alliance and how does it work?

Watch this video to learn everything about Buddha Air Alliance, and understand the three main airline alliances – Star Alliance, OneWorld, and SkyTeam to get an advantage when you travel. Airlines have cooperated this way for over 20 years, and offer many benefits to passengers and airlines alike.

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To contact Buddha Air Customer Service or Buddha Air Support regarding WIFI support, WIFI connections / connectivity issues or other assistance, contact Buddha Air Customer Service Phone Number +237 33 50 55 00.

What Is Buddha Air Customer Service Phone Number? Buddha Air Phone Number

For assitance regarding reservations/bookings, including flight changes, flights delay, refunds, flights cancellation please contact Buddha Air Customer Service.

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