What Alliance Is Royal Jordanian Airlines? All Royal Jordanian Airlines Alliance

Royal Jordanian Airlines is a part of the Oneworld Alliance, one of the 3 top global airline goups: SkyTeam Alliance, Star Alliance and OneWorld Alliance. RJ Alliance is Oneworld Alliance among them Qatar Airlines, British Airways, American Airlines and more.

Airline: Royal Jordanian Airlines

Airline Code: RJ

Country: Jordan



Airline Alliance: Oneworld Alliance

What Is Oneworld Alliance Phone Number? Oneworld Alliance Phone Number

You can find Oneworld Alliance phone number in the United Kinddom at the phone number below:

Oneworld Alliance Phone Number is +44 20 8738 5173

Oneworld Alliance Address – What Is Oneworld Alliance Address

Oneworld Alliance Address is 2 Park Avenue, Suite 1100, New York, NY 10016, USA.

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