Do EgyptAir Have WIFI?

EgyptAir Have Inflight WIFI on board their flights. EgyptAir WIFI is a paid service (EgyptAir Business Class WIFI – EgyptAir Economy Class – EgyptAir First Class WIFI).

Airline: EgyptAir
Airline Code: MS
Airline Country: Egypt
EgyptAir ICAO: MSR
EgyptAir Callsign: EGYPTAIR

Is EgyptAir Wifi Free?

EgyptAir Wifi is Not Free. You can purchase Inflight Wifi when on board the aircraft

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How Much Does EgyptAir Wifi Cost?

2 price packages available based on time and usage

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What EgyptAir Planes Have Wifi?

On selected A330-300

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How Fast Is EgyptAir Wifi?

EgyptAir Wifi speed is approximately 56 Kibibits per second.

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Who Is EgyptAir Wifi Provider?


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Does EgyptAir Wifi Support Netflix?

EgyptAir Wifi Supports Netflix and allowing you to stream Netflix’s content to computers and smart devices while on board.

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How To Connect to EgyptAir Wifi?

If you’re sitting on board the plane, you will find in the seat pocket in front of you the airline magazine. Inside the magazine you will find the full instructions on How To Connect to EgyptAir Wifi (EgyptAirWifi). The information will include details on EgyptAir Wifi Password and EgyptAir Wifi App.

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EgyptAir Wifi Refund

If you want to get a EgyptAir Wifi Refund, you can do it by simply going to the airline website to the contact us form and request for the wifi refund. It is important to put your EgyptAir flight number and ticket number in order to get a refund.

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EgyptAir Wifi Coupon / EgyptAir Coupons / EgyptAir Wifi Promo Codes

No EgyptAir Wifi Coupon or EgyptAir Wifi Promo Codes found at this time.

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Need Egypt WIFI Support? WIFI Connection Assitance? Other Assistance? Call Egypt customer service phone number 800-334-6787.

What Is EgyptAir Customer Service Phone Number? EgyptAir Phone Number

For assitance regarding reservations/bookings, including flight changes, flights delay, refunds, flights cancellation please contact EgyptAir Customer Service.

Airline Base Continent: Middle East

How to get Free EgyptAir WIFI on any Plane?

Watch this video to discover how to get free EgyptAir WIFI on any plane, get access to this special EgyptAir travel WIFI hack.

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